Empowering women of faith..

These woman-owned businesses are run by wonderful women of faith who have been a part of my life in different seasons, and are ones with whom God has created new divine appointments♡♥♡

Sarah Jurina, Blog Designer

Jaymi Victor, Artist & Close To My Heart Creative Consultant, specializing in bringing to life photos and memories♡♥♡

Mischelle Smith, Artist & Creative Consultant , Close to My Heart

Mabelle Ramirez-Ortiz, Illustrator & Owner, Whimsy and Stars Studio
Find her on Etsy!!!

Jennifer Caruso , Paparazzi Jewelry

Jennifer Caruso,Ambassador, Plexus Slim and Wellness Products

Traci Lopes, Beauty Advisor and Aesthetician, Mary Kay

Donna Lee Gauntlett, Artist, Art Blogger & Journalist, Designer, The Dizzy Dandelion Studio

If you are a Christian businesswoman, and would like your blog or URL added, please email me at healingheartist@gmail.com.  All I ask is that you reciprocate♡♥♡

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