Host a SmileShop FunRaiser today, or a JoyShop tomorrow!!♡♥♡ It’s a win/win!

I am not opposed to traveling to your area to teach, providing I have a slumber party when I arrive♡♥♡  Seriously.. sharing my HEart on grieving and bringing joy is THAT important to me!  God’s goodness and faithfulness has sustained me, and I am EXPECTING it to sustain you also.

Good morning!  My name is Amy Heldebrandt, and I have been a North Port resident since 2008.  I have 14 years of experience in rubber stamp and scrapbook art and would love to teach a class at your facility.

The mission of my company is to share in the grieving process by providing a creative outlet for expressing very personal feelings.  I am not a therapist or grief counselor, but have experienced first-hand the trauma of loss to cancer (both parents) and the tragedy of sudden deaths by suicide.  In my introduction, I share my story of how the Lord used these experiences to grow me to help others! (Romans 8:28)

My workshops, which I call JoyShops, are $5.00/person, with a minimum of $50.00.  This covers my materials and time.  I am a nonprofit, so I only charge what will cover my expenses!

For more information, please visit
Then call me to book your residents’ JoyShop today!

Looking forward to bringing JOY to your community,


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