Hello, sweet friend♡♥♡

My sweet friend, this has been on my heart for some time. 
I want to offer something to you that truly helped me when I was grieving the loss of my dad and mom in 2000 and 2002, respectively, and my brother and niece in 2007.
You’ve seen the cards I make using rubberstamp art.  I have also tinkered in scrapbooking a bit.  One of the most cathartic things I did after my mom died was to totally redesign their wedding album.  All of the photos were 8 x 10 and B &W, so I chose daisies and a soft yellow and dark green to complement.  But that’s beside the point…
What I did that afternoon at my local scrapbook store allowed me to cry happy memory tears (obviously not mine!) and began a process of healing thru art that has formed The Healing HEartists ministry…bringing that local scrapbook and rubber stamping store to your home♡♥♡
My ultimate dream for this mission is to see the grieving healed of broken hearts, and, because God is faithful to the desires of our hearts, He allowed me to envision art to be a tool toward that end. I would love to hold a workshop with you and some friends & family.

Know that Im praying for you, and hope you will consider the Close to My HEart opportunity.  It has turned my crafting upside down and really changed my focus to sharing the joy with others!  For $99, you get over $400 worth of product to do with what you like, either stamping or scrapbooking, beginning August 1st.  If you choose to, you can build a business with it or simply enjoy a hobby crafter 22% discount.  Join before July 31, and get our NEW Shin Han Touch Twin marker bundles for $72  (1 FREE stamp set) or $143 (3 FREE Sstamp sets)!!!

Call me 941 822 1764♡♥♡  http://www.thehealingheartists.com and http ://abundantlyclearstamping.ctmh.com


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