An addition to the family…

..get your attention?

Here’s what’s happening at The Healing HEartists♡♥♡
Jay and I have added a new business to my Close to My Heart studio.  Many of you know that I am a home health aide and that I love it!  Well, I recently discovered a company called ItWorks!  We now carry a line of nutritional supplements and vitamins that  may bring a healthy lifestyle into my patients’ lives.  The Greens (and Greens on the Go) has anti-inflammatory properties, and almost all pain has inflammation at its root.

Many of you also know that I recently discovered I have fibromyalgia and am dealing everyday almost with joint pain, probably Rheumatoid Arthritis, though undiagnosed.  I truly believe in ItWorks! THE GREENS as a source of pain’s a botanical, superfruits and veggies based product that I can easily add to a bottle of water on my way to a client♡♥♡





More tomorrow on ItWorks! other great health and wellness products♡♥♡  You can also add THE GREENS to fresh fruits to make a delicious breakfast♡♥♡

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