I was locked out…

It’s been a while since my last post, huh?  I got locked out of my paid blog:(  Since I am now back in business, I want to share with you how God is working in our lives.

My husband, Jay, will begin Roadmasters truck driving school on Mon., June 23.  After the 3 -week program, his training begins over the road, leaving me, the kids,and the dog for about 3 weeks out of the month.  Our family income will triple, leaving abundant resources to pay bills and to support The Healing HEartists♡♥  I am also going to turn back to the original plan God had for it: providing encouragement and joy to families needing a touch of Christ’s love after the loss of a loved one.

The joy I feel for papercrafting comes from pure creativity and the desire to serve my Lord by encouraging others!  If you would like to see a particular type of card, please post a note!  Designing new samples is my joy! ♡♥♡


Update:  Jay graduates on Friday!! I am so proud of him for stepping out of his comfort zone to provide for our family♡♥♡

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